Saturday, January 27, 2007

Passing Time

Ho Hum. We're to another point in the adoption process where I hate weekends. =-) Seriously, they are good for NOTHING on the adoption front! No news ever comes on the weekends. And Lois is out of the country until the first week of February, so she'll be less likely to update unless something big happens with our case.

So what's a girl to do with a whole weekend of waiting? Crochet of course! I admit it though--I am thoroughly sick of crocheting afghans right now. So I printed out a few free patterns and made my first hat today. It's nothing too special but it fits the intended child (Taevy) and with a subject as beautiful as she is, how could I go wrong?! ;-) Next will be my attempt at a "boyish" hat for Samren to wear. After that I'm planning to make Bright an "Africa" hat to wear--red, green, and yellow! I can already see him in it on the plane ride home.

I'm toying with the idea of making things to sell as part of our fundraising efforts. I'm not a pro crocheter (is that a word?!) but I do seem to have somewhat of a knack for it and I really enjoy how it makes the hours pass by so much more quickly. I wonder if anybody would purchase crocheted hats, diaper bags, hip toddler carrier, and maybe some cute pants and shirts???

Missing my baby boy....


Julz 6:50 PM  

Love that hat - it's too cute Anita. I can't do anything like that - I do make jewlery though.... I have sold a few online Ebay..... there is a thought for you - people buy anything on Ebay.
Good luck - can't wait to see the boy hats ~ maybe one is in the future for Brody.....

Christina 7:15 PM  

That hat is sooooooooo cute!!! And I would totally buy a crocheted blanket or hat or sweater... I think it could be great little side business for you.

Chanda 8:34 PM  

Anita...I might need some cute crocheted hats for my kids (when I know who they are, of course)!!

Barbara C 11:19 AM  

Oh, so that's why Lois didn't answer my email yet. :)

Kim 1:39 PM  

The hat is very cute. I would certainly buy one. I think it would be a great idea for raising funds for adoption. If you decide to do it be sure to post how I can buy one.

Momto13 8:45 PM  

Hey Anita,
Check out ebay and see the fancy things that people crochet and sell. Use the search keywords BOUTIQUE CROCHET and see what you can find. I would love to buy some hats and cute summer halter tops! :)
The hats you have done are fantastic!
Love ya