Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Look, New Feel

New Look:

If you haven't noticed you're not very observant! LOL! Yes, today I sat down and figured out how to manipulate the blog template I already had to create something uniquely my own. I'm sure someone could have made something entirely more "Africa" or more coordinated, but I'm pretty happy with it. It took HOURS! LOL!

New Feel:

It's called hope people. Boy, I am brimming with it right now. And I'm not sure I feel very comfortable with all of this hope! In some ways it's easier to sit back and prepare myself for the worst (that Bright won't come home) or that it will take another year for him to get home. It's a lot more dangerous to be thinking about court dates...and an adoption decree...and a fast immigration process...and Ghana in April. Yep--that's scary. Because to hope for those things means that if it doesn't all come together I've set myself up for another heartbreak. I'm tired of setbacks and heartbreak. I'm ready for BREAKTHROUGH!!!!!

So I've decided that I'm going to try to be brave and allow myself to HOPE. Hope for a court date SOON. Hope for an adoption decree SOON. Hope for immigration clearance SOON. Hope for travel in April. Please pray with me for a BREAKTHROUGH. This is what's on my heart--"breakthrough."



Julz 8:32 PM  

I love the new feel, I saw it earlier :-) I think when it was in early stages! I like the picture at the top, did you take that while you were there?

Chanda 11:09 AM  

Dear, Dear Anita,
Its not just HOPE...Its FAITH. And it is entirely reasonable to have faith and hope that you will have Bright in your arms soon! And I am with you - I will be hoping and having faith that you will be heading off to Ghana in April to pick up your baby! Its time for some hope, for sure!

PS...I love the new look of the blog - especially this Africa picture at the top!

apriljacobson 1:58 PM  

Anita, I am so glad that you are loving and praying for your son, even though he is far away. Do not underestimate this. God said he was "Father to the fatherless" and little Bright is safe in His arms. I will be praying for you too- that your son will be with you soon. Keep up your courage- trusting in Jesus is not in vain.

Momto13 5:45 PM  

I love your hope Anita. I just LOVE IT! And I love the new look of your blog. Maybe someday you will show me how to make mine pretty! :)