Sunday, February 04, 2007

16 months; 5 months

Today Bright turns 16 months old. There will be no denying that soon he will be in the misdst of his toddler months. He might not actually be toddling around yet (last I heard he wasn't yet crawling) but no doubt his little mind is changing gears, wanting to be more independant and explore his world in a new way. I wish I could be there with him during this time. It's such a cute age--although I think Bright will be cute no matter what age he comes home! And I try to remind myself that even though I might be missing some of his "firsts" it will still be special to experience the first time *I've* seen him smile, laugh, cry, crawl, walk, etc. once we are united. It's no less precious. =-)

Today also marks 5 months since we accepted Bright's referral. Wow--five months! I would have thought we would be further along than we are, but at least our case does seem to be making some progress. I'm praying that this will be the month that we hear of our court date. Wouldn't that be amazing?! After waiting the first four months with no real movement it I would feel doubly blessed if the rest of the adoption could make steady progress until its end. After the adoption decree is issued we could still have a significant wait for US immigration, but at least I would know that he is my son at that point (I have no fears about him clearing immigration).

Someone I know of through the AdoptGhana list will be traveling to Ghana in March and has offered to take Bright a care package. Yea! So Friday night we went to Wal-Mart and picked him up some more clothes. The last batch I sent were 6/9 months and looked pretty snug on him by Christmas, so this time I bought 18 months--they should fit for a while I would think! It's cheesy, but I like the T-shirt that says "This is what cute looks like." ;-) I think we will also include a letter to Mama Eugenia (thanking her), some photos, a toddler book, and a crochet hat in his little care package. Lois (I believe) will also be going to Ghana in March and I hope to send over several bottles of vitamins with her (not so fun but very needed).

To all of you who sent birthday wishes, THANK YOU!!! Yesterday day was fun--food and games with Eric's side of the family. And I received a grand total of $120 for our adoption fund! I hope you are all right--that both of our kids will be home by the time I turn 32! =-)