Wednesday, February 14, 2007

AAI Group, Indy Adoptions, 4th kiddo, Adoption Work

Sorry for the hodge-podge post. I've got lots of little things to share but nothing so big that each subject deserves it's own post! =-)

AAI Group:

I finally got onto the AAI family group and it's wonderful! The content of the posts is pretty typical, but the FILES section is such a valuable resource. I feel like I understand so much more about the process, and "who's who" at AAI from reading the FILES section yesterday. Also, reading through the archives it is SO NEAT to see how involved Merrily (the director) is on the list. Just yesterday she posted a very interesting report on what's going on in Ethiopia with their program. Everything about AAI seems so incredibly open. This is unlike my experiences with the previous 3 agencies we've adopted from. AAI seems to be about "full disclosure", which I really appreciate.

Adoption Work:

I mentioned a few months back that there might be an opportunity for me to begin working in adoption (for an agency) again. Got word yesterday that things continue to look good and it might become a reality. Working in adoption was the best/worst experience ever. It was wonderful to be able to work with families, to refer children, etc.. But it was awful to be cursed out by families, to be expected to "be there" 24 hours a day, and when things weren't going perfectly and families blamed me. It's definitely a mixed bag. Also, if I start to work for an agency again that means that my opinionated posts on lists will have to cut way back and I'll start to be perceived with paranoia by some adoptive families just because I'm an "agency person." I continue to just pray that the Lord will open this door if it's supposed to be open, and close it if it needs to be closed. There could be so many blessings involved, but there is also a potential for heartache.

Independent Ghana Adoptions:

This is something I've been thinking a lot about lately. I've shared before on the list that I keep daydreaming about identifying our 4th child while I am in Ghana picking up Bright. Lately it seems as if independent adoption information has been falling in my lap--almost too much to be considered coincidence. I don't have any ill will towards LVI's adoption program. It's just that there are dozens of other orphanages in Ghana that might be willing to place children for adoption but aren't being served by LVI's program. LVI can't be the guardian of all of the country's orphanages, and Ghana international adoption. It's not a big country, but there is a big orphan population and I guess I wonder if our fourth child might not be waiting for us to find him/her in one of those orphanages. Much to pray about and consider.

Speaking of the Fourth Kiddo:

I continue to be so confused--as I'm sure is clear in the above paragraph--just where and when and how our last child will come to us. I ADORE the AAI Ethiopia program--adore it! But I haven't yet been able to really feel like our child WILL come from there for sure. I have a HUGE connection to Ghana, but don't have any clear direction that our fourth child is there either. When will something be clear about this kiddo?! I have a feeling (at least at this point) that nothing will be clear until Bright comes home. I need to have my Bright baby in my arms. I need to hold him and love him and KNOW him so that I can figure out where child #4 fits into the equation (baby, toddler, preschooler, etc.). Anyway, for now we've decided that we won't send our dossier into AAI (even if invited to) until Bright is home. We just don't want to limit ourselves to a baby if it becomes clear after Bright is home that a 3-5 year old child would be a great addition to our family.



Holly - Mama and Midwife 1:46 PM  

Anita, first of all, congratulations on having your adoption finalized in Ghana!! Hooray!
Then, I would tell you independent adoptions can be a GREAT way to go. ;)


Holly R