Monday, February 26, 2007


My sister over at her blog "tagged" me (I guess is the term) to take part in a "5 Reasons You Blog" post. She's tagged me a few times before and I never take part's just not really my thing (not why I blog!). I guess I'll throw her a bone and take part in the request tonight. But before I do that I want to share with you why I enjoy reading the blogs of others.

Some blogs motivate me to get off my arse and do something more for this world than I am doing now. Avery's blog falls into that category. Just read the latest entry and you'll understand the gift this man has for writing and motivating others to make this world a better place than we found it.

Some blogs inspire my spirit. They remind me that God has all of us in the palm of His hand. Check out Barbara's recent sent of inspirational posts to be inspired.

The authors of some blogs touch my heart in ways that only adoptive parents can touch another adoptive parent's heart! DawnZ's recent post had me in absolute tears as I remembered the first few days with our children, and Anteneh's Mom's most recent post speaks out the words that are in a lot of our hears about our children's origins. sister's "tag" asked me to list the top 5 reasons why I blog. Here ya go sis...

5. I blog because writing organizes my brain. It's like a reboot for my system. The act of writing, many times, helps to to realize how I feel about things. In short--writing is therapy for me. =-)
4. I blog because I have always kept a journal during all of our adoptions. This is Bright's adoption journal--much easier than the hand written variety. Believe it or not, the content is pretty much on par with my other adoption journals. I don't want to edit myself from my children. They'll all get their journals when they are much older.
3. I blog because I want to bring more attention to the need for families to adopt Africa's orphaned children.
2. I blog because I hope that some of the experiences I've had over the last six years in the "adoption world" can in someway touch parents who are new to this and want to know what it's really like to adopt.
1. I blog because I hope that, in some small way, every once in a while, my words might motivate, or inspire, or touch the hearts of those who take a moment to stop by and see what's happening in my world. =-)

Be blessed,
P.S. That is you ONE tag for the rest of the year! I DON'T blog to take part in the "tagging" games! LOL!


Nichole...aka Mia's Mommy 10:48 AM  

I know you don't usually play the bloggy games. I thought you might do this one though since it is just asking why you blog, and that might be useful to Bright in the future. Anyway thanks for playing and I won't tag you

Love ya

Pastor Deb 12:33 AM  

Hi There.. I am Pastor deborah MacQuarrie. You wrote me today and I can not seem to get your email to work. You got me off of webshots.Thanks for writing. Where are you from? I live in Canada by Niagara Falls. I am very excited about you getting your boy. How long did it take? WEe have done our first adoption to a couple in Florida andit is taking forever. She is adopted but the uSA won't let her in. The child is getting sick because she misses her mommy. We were there in novemeber thinking we were taking her home but the US embassy would not let us. Maybe you can give us some pointer.Our orphange is in Accra. Where did you adopt from Please canI call you. I would love to share thing with you and yes there are things neede at the home. WE do this ourselves and we work out of myhome. WE struggle for finances but God helps us. I will share all this with you if we can talk. Write me soon .. Be blessed Deb go there and enjoy the kids