Friday, February 23, 2007

Certificates R Us

Well, there's good news on one front and no news on another were certificates are concerned. =-)

Lois told me today that the orphanage is in possession of Bright's birth certificate (yea!) and Edward will be going up to Eugemot next week to pick it up. Next step is the passport, which I'm hoping will take less than 2 weeks. Then we can have our I-600 filed at the embassy. Some other families have gotten a bit "stuck" trying to get the birth certificates from a different region, so I feel very blessed that it doesn't appear we have had the same problem (but still very sad for the other families who have had issues).

The second certificate is Bright's birth mom's death certificate. It's required to be turned in with the I-600 but we don't have confirmation at this time whether or not it was presented with the adoption paperwork. Lois is trying to confirm one way or another but thinks it would have been. I won't rest easy until Lois can confirm that they have the death certificate because of the horror stories I've heard in Haiti where adoptions were held up for months just trying to get this type of documentation. Please pray with me that if the death certificate hasn't already been gathered that it can be gathered quickly.



Julz 8:54 PM  

We got the birth certificates a few days ago apparently and the Passports are in process!!!!