Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sweet Dreams

Last night I had the sweetest dream! In all of these months I have never been blessed with a dream about Bright before. Last night in my dream he was so real that I woke up this morning feeling an emptiness that will only be filled when he is home.

It was a dream about when I first meet him. Interestingly, Deirdre (the other baby waiting at Eugemot) was 11 months old in my dream. Barbara you'll have to tell me when Deirdre will be 11 months old so that I can wonder if that's when we're going to be traveling!! LOL! For what it's worth Deirdre was SO BEAUTIFUL, and bigger than Bright! ;-)

The majority if the dream was just simple stuff. Seeing him for the first time...picking him up for the first time...being so delighted (and relieved) when he began copy-catting gestures (waving) and words (Hi!). I played little attachment games with him and it seemed that I spent the entire day just getting to know him. In my dream it didn't seem that I was taking him home yet.

Anyway, this probably makes for boring reading but I had to get the dream down for prosperity's sake since this is my adoption journal for Bright. =-)



Barbara C 2:51 PM  

Deirdre will be 11 months old on March 3. I can very nearly guarantee we won't be travelling then. But maybe by her birthday...

Julz 7:27 PM  

Not boring at all.... you know how many posts about dreams I've had LOL.

Jen 2:50 PM  

I love your's beautiful. You're visiting him in your dreams which is the closest you can right now. Soon it will all be a reality. I loved reading it!