Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's Brighton!

Thanks to all who replied to my little poll about Bright's name! I got lots of good reponses, both in the comments section and privately. I love hearing from those that take a moment out of their busy lives to read about our family, so I really appreciate your input!

Even if I wanted to drop the tinly little "o-n" on the end of his name, I know hubby would never go for it--and for exactly the same reason some of you stated. Brighton will sound much more professional in the business world, should Bright at some point decide to go that route. And as many of you also stated, if he ever wants to be "just" Bright that is a very easy thing to change.

Jennifer, I really appreciated you sharing about how you still call Sam Samsaing instead of Samuel. That gives me something to think about for sure. We'll have at least 6 months before we finalize Bright's adoption in the state, so that will give us time to make changes and drop the "o-n" if that feels better at the time.

Thanks for weighing in!