Tuesday, February 06, 2007

On the adoption front...

There's nothing big but I do have some things to share and request prayer for! I suppose that with prayer, they could turn into big things very quickly, couldn't they?!

1. I've asked Lois to try to get a developmental update on Bright from Eugemot Orphanage. Neither one of us is holding our breath about getting a response, but she is sending the questions to them. I basically asked to know if Bright is crawling, pulling up and "cruising", walking, and if he has any words yet. If he's not, that's fine--but you know me...I want to know as much as possible!

2. We heard around January 19th from the Director of Social Welfare in Volta Region that "next week everything will be good." We never found out what that meant and haven't heard an update since then from Ghana. Edward (LVI Employee in Ghana) has a meeting with the Director this Thursday (the 8th), so hopefully we will have some sort of update by the end of this week or beginning of next week. Please pray for GOOD news!

3. Not really a prayer request--just a point of interest. I wrote to AAI's Director asking if I could get on their agency discussion forum now and she said I should be getting an invitation in the next day or two. I really think getting to know people at AAI will help things feel more "real" with our planned Ethiopia adoption.

I was daydreaming today while the kids took a nap. The thought occurred to me that when we get a court date Lois might call us instead of email us. So I started playing out that scenario in my mind only to come to a very fearful place! When she called I won't know whether it is to say that we have a court date, or that Bright's relinquishment didn't go through. Ugh! When she calls it will either be VERY good or VERY bad and there will be no way to know beforehand.

The thought of the "bad" really had me playing out in my mind what it would be like to lose Bright at this point. Devestated doesn't begin to describe how I would feel. I don't know where we would go from "there." Do you just keep going forward with a plan to adopt, or do you crawl into a ball in the nearest corner? Yuck. After a few minutes of going down that road I made myself stop. I just can't "go there" unless I have to. I can't let myself worry about that. I have to remind myself that no matter what happens, God's got me in the palm of His hands!