Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Quick Reminder

**Well, it's past 1:00am in Ghana...past business hours in Washington...guess I didn't get any news today about the meeting. Hoping for some news tomorrow. =-(

**6:00pm and still no word. I don't know why I am so antsy about the results of this meeting! It's not like me (this adoption). I'm going crazy!

**It's 3:20pm in Ghana. I wonder if the meeting has happened yet? I wonder if we will hear today what transpired?

If you pray, please pray for good results from the meeting that is taking place between Edward (LVI employee) and the Director of Social Welfare in Ghana tomorrow. It could mean very good or very disheartening things for our adoption. I just have a feeling like a lot is riding on this meeting.



julz 10:46 PM  

My thoughts are with you - and I hope that the meeting with Edward goes well!!! Thank god for Edward right, he's totally amazing.

Jenn 8:46 AM  

praying for you anita. (((hugs)))

Chanda 10:11 AM  

I'm praying, too! Hoping you hear good news soon!