Friday, February 09, 2007

Developmental Update (sort of) =-)

Well, I can check prayer request #1 off of my list below. Yea! Even though neither Lois nor I were holding our breath about getting a response, Ernest replied to my request for a developmental update on Bright. It isn't exactly what one would expect from a developed adoption program, but I'm thankful for it none the less. At least I know he's doing okay. =-)

Ernest says:

well with Bright i will say he is doing just too good.the attempt to start
crawlling has been show so hopfully that will be soon. she make all sort of
sounds and he is always trying to say something and we know that he will be
saying some words. he is looking soo healthy and nice i will try get ou his
current picture soon.
So, he's trying to crawl (yea!) and babbling a lot (good!) and looks very healthy (Praise God!). The picture thing...well, I'm not holding my breath for that one AT ALL. Ernest has said he would get a picture of Bright several times but it never happens. That's okay (although I'd love to have another pic of him)--I've been blessed in that area during this adoption.
I still haven't heard how the meeting went yesterday between Edward and the Director of SW. I guess this means that nothing too good OR too bad happened, as I'm sure Edward would have written to Lois and Lois would have contacted me (and the other families) if there was big news to share. I'm still hoping for some sort of update on that today but it may just be one of those things where my hopes don't come to fruition.
Yesterday I was talking to the kids about the vastness of God--how He is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-presant. I told them about how He knows when a single sparrow dies, and how He knows every hair on their head, and even when a hair falls He cares about things that we would think would be "too small" for God to care about. Then I got whacked in the face as I started to pray about "the meeting" that took place yesterday. Duh God! I'm preaching to my kids about how much you care about the tiniest events in much more you care about Bright, and that meeting, and our adoption! It was a very peaceful moment. I love how God can use teaching moments for our kids as reminders for ourselves--just because He cares that much. =-)



Barbara C 12:56 PM  

Great update on Bright!