Sunday, March 04, 2007

17 months; 6 months

Today my beautiful Bright is 17 months old. Today also marks 6 months since we began Bright's adoption. I'd like to say that time has flown, but it really hasn't--except for the fact that it seems that Bright has gone from baby to toddler in the twinkle of an eye, and without my being able to meet him in that time. =-(

Still, there is much to be grateful for. Last month, when I wrote the "16 months; 5 months" post I didn't even know if anything was going on with our adoption. As far as I knew it could have been 6 more months before we had an adoption decree. In fact, I was scared that we may not even get an adoption decree (instead getting a 2 year interim adoption). My what a difference a month can make! Here are some of the wonderful things that have happened this past month:

  • Feb. 12--received a final adoption order from Ghana!
  • Feb. 13--began shopping in earnest for our baby's homecoming!
  • Bright's birth new birth certificate was generated in Volta Region
  • Bright's birth certificate and passport photos were picked up and taken to Accra
  • Bright's passport was filed for in Accra (according to the time line we were given)

Huge month, right?! Woo hoo!

In the coming month I pray that the following happens....

  • My friend visits Bright and gets LOTS of information, pictures, and even video of/about my baby (next week!)
  • Bright's passport is issued
  • Our I-600 paperwork is filed with complete documentation at the US Embassy
  • The Embassy decides Bright does NOT need a field investigation (please Lord)
  • We receive word from the embassy that we can come and pick up Bright!!!

I hope this is a month of "all good things" with regard to our adoption. My heart is healing from what occurred with LVI and I look forward to the renewed focus of getting my boy home and advocating for Ghana adoptions in whatever way I can.

Love, Anita


Jenn 12:53 PM  

wow much has happened in the past month. hoping the next month brings travel dates!