Monday, March 05, 2007


Not much realy news to report on the adoption front. We're waiting for passports to be processed and I am hoping that when they are completed I will get word from LVI.

My heart is absolutely overflowing with anticipation about my friend's trip to Ghana! He'll be there in less than 48 hours, with both of our sons! Woo hoo! He's been so gracious. You should have seen the list of questions I wrote down for him to see if he can learn more about Bright! But my friend took it all with grace and promised he wasn't put off at all. I don't know if I'm more excited about the information or the pictures/video?! It will be Sunday before I hear from him so this might be a LONG week.

Beyond the anticipation for new information about Bright I find myself in a general state of anticipation about everything with regard to the adoption. It took a while for everything to sink in and for me to 100% believe that Bright is actually going to come home. But now it's all real. All of his clothes and toys and books and bedding and such are ready for him. It FEELS now like there is a person missing in this house. This is a good thing, but makes the wait that much harder.

I also just feel a need to close this chapter--to be done with LVI and all the drama surrounding that agency. I'm tired of (my own) negative thoughts. I want to be released--to be able to focus my energy on all of the GOOD and PROMISING things surrounding Ghana and adoptions. I'm praying hard that I can let go of all of my negative feelings, but until I'm done dealing with LVI I don't think that's going to be 100% possible (since every communication or lack of communication seems like salt in a wound at this point). Please pray for me in this regard.'s to the anticipation of a GREAT month to come! Information! A homecoming! And a release!!
Love, Anita

P.S. I have received a number of messages from kind people who are concerned that LVI may try to do something to halt our adoption if they read my blog. I'm fairly certain that LVI moniters my blog almost daily (at least someone living in Bellevue, WA and with a email address does). =-) Every word written on this blog was written with the knowledge that my agency director was mostly likely reading each post. For the record, I do not believe that LVI would take action to halt my adoption. I have no fear of that in part because our adoption is complete and also because I think that Lois is better than that.