Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Good Day

It's not even 3pm yet, but I'm going to go ahead and declare this a good day. =-)

First, I want to share that I made my first contact with LVI since my "punishment." Actually, it was last night that I sent a list of questions to Lois. I knew she would answer, but didn't know how long it might take. I'm glad to share with everybody that she responded today. Short answers, but cordial. She didn't have answers to a few of my questions but said she would get back to me. I'm glad to have the first interaction since the "punishment" over with. And I'm glad that Lois is acting professional again. I don't think I've shared this before, but I believe the issues I've had with LVI will be somewhat isolated. I think a lot is tied into how much of the "guts" of the program I saw when I traveled to Ghana with Lois, and how intimate Lois and I got with one another during that trip. I hope that my experience is isolated and that it is a long time before another family is displeased--for the families' sakes.

Another good thing! I learned about an organization called Hands of Mercy Outreach Ministries that runs an orphanage in Ghana! www.handsmercy.com for more information (be sure to check out the photos!). I talked with the owner/director for quite some time today and feel like she has a huge heart for the children in her care. Hands of Mercy has a child sponsorship program that seems really neat. Sponsors are aloud as much contact as they wish with their sponsor child (phone calls, email, letters, care packages, even visits)! Deb (the owner/director) shared with me today that they recently lost a significant amount of the monthly income that went to the orphanage and are even behind on paying bills for the children's education. So...maybe this post will prompt a few people to pop on over to the website to make a donation or begin to sponsor a child?! I plan to visit Hands of Mercy when I go to pick up Bright, so I'm sure this won't be my last post about them. =-)

I hope that the rest of you are having a good day too.



Jenn 9:28 PM  

I am glad your contact with Lois has you feeling better.

How tickled I am that you wrote about the sponsorship opportunities at Hand of Mercy. My husband and I just made room in our giving budget to add 1 possibly 2 children. We discussed it 2 nights ago and here you post this. God is good.

Anita and Family 9:39 PM  

That's awesome Jenn! Definitely write to the director to see exactly what children need sponsors. She mentioned on the phone today that the website was out of date. If you begin to sponsor through them I would be happy to take a care package, letter, pics, video, etc. of/for your child(ren) when I go to Ghana next. I'd be happy to play "mailman"!

Jen 10:05 AM  

This is great, Anita. Hopefully your post will prompt some donations and sponsorship. How great that you can go see them when you're there. It really makes it all the more "real" for people. Thanks!!