Friday, March 02, 2007

God's Hand

I know I've been posting a lot lately, but I had to share this with you all this morning. People (at least lots of people) talk about how God "hand-picked" their children for them--had a plan for them to join the family from the beginning of time. I feel this way too--although I wish that my children wouldn't have had to go through such loss in order to join our family.

I have a friend (Darren) who is adopting the most beautiful 3 year old boy from Eugemot (same orphanage as Bright). The first time I saw Darren's little boy, Justice, I was so smitten! LOL! I even told Darren that if something were to come up in Justice' medical that would prohibit him from adopting Justice I would want to add him to our family in a heartbeat. There's just something about this kid. Anyhow...

I've told Darren in the past that Justice wasn't there when I was at Eugemot because I can't imagine that I wouldn't have noticed him--he would have been the youngest and in the exact age we were hoping for. Mama Eugenia told me at the time that the youngest child was 3 but I didn't see anybody who looked that young (and I was looking!). Darren told me that he was told Justice had been at the orphanage for a long time. AND another adoptive mom who visited Eugemot in the summer of '06 confirmed that Justice was there at that time. I just chalked it up as "one of those things." But it wasn't. =-)

Today I was looking through my photos of Eugemot and guess who was in two of them? JUSTICE!!! I just really believe that I didn't see this little boy when I was there because God knew if I would have seen him, I would have requested to adopt him immediately. He wasn't supposed to be our son--he was supposed to be Darren's--so God "hid" this beautiful boy from me in plain site! Isn't that neat? Further proof (to me) that God is in control of everything and truly does have a plan to put the right children into our families.

P.S. Justice is the one with the "Stitch" shirt and mint green pants on. =-)