Thursday, March 01, 2007

"I Love You My Friend"

Sometimes my daughter just bless my socks off! It is very obvious (to me) that Taevy is a future humanitarian. I know, I know...I'm biased...but I really believe that! She's only six and I can already say that "for years" she has showed significant concern for the less advantaged of the world. She truly desires to help. She was so excited when we were planning to adopt from Ethiopia because I told her she could be my travel partner when we went to pick up the baby (she would have been around 7.5 by then). Likewise she is thoroughly disappointed that now the trip is off and she also doesn't get to go to Ghana with me (I'm so mean!).

Since our Ethiopia plans have been put on hold Taevy's focus has switched to Ghana again. She's been talking about all of the things she wants to "donate" and thinking of ways to raise money. Tonight she walked in with the four baggies pictured at top (filled with nuts, candy, and a cookie) and asked if I could PLEASE take these with me to Ghana to give to the kids at Bright's orphanage. =-) Then she told me that when we have our garage sale (we're planning one for late spring/early summer) she and Samren are going to sell cookies, watermelon, and lemonade and give all of the money to "the kids in Ghana." Her other plans include crocheting lots of blankets (no, she doesn't know how to do this yet--just pretends) and sending me to Ghana with all of her baby dolls.

When I was Taevy's age I showed a talent and interest in Music. I grew up and went on to receive my degree in Music Education and music (particularly music education) will remain a life-long passion of mine. I hope that the compassion and interest that Taevy is showing in humanitarian causes also remains a lifelong passion for her. The world would be blessed to have her on its side! LOL!

P.S. In this photo of Taevy she is wearing a Ghanian outfit and sporting the traditional "baby on the back" look. =-)


Christina/Mrs Broccoli Guy 10:27 PM  

What a sweet, tender-hearted girl she is. I'm sure she is going to be a blessing to the world in many ways. (she already is!)