Friday, March 16, 2007


Hello everybody!  I won't get to post much from here.  Bright can't be in the internet cafe and I don't like spending time away from him (although he still LOVES to spend time away from me at this piont! LOL!).  Forgive the spelling errors.  No time for spell check.

Things are going very well.  PRAISE GOD Bright is not critically anemic at this point.  Docs confirmed that his last lab was critical, but he has improved.  They say he will continue to improve, although our US doc feels like it will be chronic.  We will see.  At this point he doesn't seem to be in mortal danger--that's the important thing.  Docs here perscribed iron, B12 and folic acid as medicine.  They want new labs every two weeks to keep an eye on things.  Have spent hours and hours at hospitals here!  It takes SO LONG to get things done.  BUT it has been very inexpensive medically so far--less than $20 for 2 hopsitals, 3 doctors, a blood and stool test!  Bright has a chest x-ray on "monday or tuesday" (machine was down today) just to make sure that everything is okay.  He has a cough and stridor and a very weird "gasp" for air after he cries, but the docs here think it's just a virus and will pass.  Got another script for meds today but not sure what it is yet (assuming antibiotics--hoping so).

Bright is WONDERFUL!!!  So much more than I even ever hoped for.  The connection was instant (for me, not him).  He's just the perfect "baby" I've been praying for.  He's very smart and I'm sure will be walking within the next few months.  Not worried about any long term affects from him malnourishment at this point.  He said his first word today!  "Hi!" while waving!!!!!  Even without words he is VERY good at communicating his needs.  Points, waves, shakes his head yes and no, whines, etc.  Very smart boy.  He can stand for maybe 30 seconds without falling, but can't roll from front to back and can't crawl.  Weird combo--but I'm not worried at all.  Bright is BRIGHT! LOL!

Folks at Hands of Mercy have been AWESOME!!!  And they welcome a-parents to stay with them any time.  THIS is the experience we a-parents need.  Doing it the "Ghana way."  I have learned how to feed Bright traditional food...I walk around with him on my back "Africa style"...I know how to give him a "Ghana bath", etc.  All of these things have helped him to realize that I am the mommy.  The US mommy things I was doing just wasn't connecting with him.  I needed to do Ghana mommy things for him to connect.  Now if I say, "Where's Mommy?"  He will point at me (or my pic if we're looking at the photo album.  The food at HoM is AWESOME!  I would gain weight if I let Lawrencia cook 3 meals a day for me (only need 2 here because of the heat).  literally sweating off the pounds!  My pants are falling down! LOL!  The no AC is easy enough to get used to.  You learn how to appreciate a fan or a breeze very quickly.  It is NO problem not having hot water.  I can't imagine taking a hot shower in the heat anyway.  Cold water is just what the doctor ordered!

I have a weird rash on my arms from elbow to fingertips.  Showed it to Paul today and he said, "Oh yes.  This happens to all white people when they come here.  You can't handle the sun."  LOL!  I'm assuming it is a heat rash?  Looks ugly!

Bright's adjustment has been slow.  He is VERY scared of white people.  Terrified.  Wouldn't make eye contact with me the first day--not anywhere on me.  Today I heard his laugh for the first time and we finally had a good play session.  We're getting good when it's just him and I, but because we are surrounded by a ton of kids and other loving Ghanaian adults he will still go to them any chance he gets.  I'm still second best, even though he knows I'm the mommy.  He's used to tons of attention from tons of people so hanging out with me alone in our room isn't exactly on the top of his list!

Got to meet Bright's birth family!!!!  Day I arrived at Eugemot his 4 uncles, 1 aunt, grandparents and 3 brothers (Wise-4, Promis-10, and....Steven-7 LOL!).  Took pics, got their blessings, told them I would send updates to the orphanage, etc.  Next day I got to meet Bright's birth father!  Same story--pics, blessings, updates.  While I was there he asked the orphanage to take Bright's 4 year old brother wise, but Eugemot can't take him.  They've tried to take the boys before but they live close enough that they escape and run through the bush at night to get back home (dangerous for them).  Mama E knows to let me know if Wise is ever in need of a family....well, he's in need now but he can't be at the orphanage.  I feel so sorry for him...standing there while his father asked Mama E to take him. =-(

We hope to have Bright's passport by end of next week.  Will go next week to the embassy to see what we can do in the meantime (visa medical, turn in I-600 minus passport, etc.).  Then we pray for a miracle!  Oddly enough, I have peace that if I have to leave Bright it will be okay.  this is part of the reason why I'm not doing major attachment parenting--will make it harder if I have to leave him.  Will save the major attachment parenting for when I get home.  If I have to leave him there are good options here.  I know he will be taken care of.

Eugemot parents--met a volunteer who has tons of pics and stories about our kids!  Will send the contact information for her when I get home.  She's from the UK and had such love for the kids!!!  When I was there the kids were in school almost the whole time so I didn't get near the pics that I wanted to (and hardly any video).  hopefully Darren was able to get tons for everybody.  Kelly--the twins are FANTASTIC!  You are a lucky mommy!!!!  Sadia (not Sylvia!) had a bit of a cough but her skin looked pretty good and I would say she is stable.  Sondra was in school and I got very little time with her but I did get a pic of one of her drawings from school!  Stacey--Daniel was shy with me, like last time.  Managed to get one smiling pic though. =-)  He looks great.  Sarah's mommy--she is gorgeous as ever and knows that you are coming for her.  She can't wait to come to America!  Barbara---whew!  You will have your hands full with Selassie! LOL!  She is a fire-cracker!!!  SO SMART!  She is crawling everywhere, and pointing, and pulling up, and standing for short times.  Will be walking soon, I'm sure.  She is VERY tall (several inches taller than Bright) and thin (not overly so--just a thin build).  She has 4 teeth that I could see.  Got lots of pics of her because she wasn't in school like the other kids.  Barbara--got pics of a little girl named Peace that seemed quite attached to Selassie.  She is 5, but.....think about it. =-)  Also, her whole name is Isabella Selassie--didn't know if you knew that.  And Selassie means "gift from God."  She surely is.

There are 2.5 year old triplets at Eugemot!  And a wonderful little boy named Isaac (5) that definitely hopes for a family (they all do!).

Must go.  miss my baby.

Love from Ghana!


Gardiner Family Blog Spot 1:00 PM  

You are in the Lord's Hands my dear!! Please keep yourself safe. And give Bright lots of love ( I knou u are!!)

You ahve been in my thoughts and prayers a lot this week Anita!!

Take Care and hope to hear more from you soon.

Christina 2:04 PM  

Anita you sound so good! Praising God for the peace He is giving you and for Brights better than expected health!

Grosso Family 3:41 PM  

wonderful update Anita...... I'm glad things are going so well with Bright & I'm sure he'll attach soon enough.

Jennifer 8:32 PM  

I'm so glad Bright is better than you expected health wise! I know he'll keep warming up to you too. It would be real difficult at my house because we have some red heads and let me tell you they are really WHITE!! Ha HA. Oh how I pray Bright can come home with you!

cameo 9:42 PM  

Oh, my heart was singing while I was reading your post! I hope and pray you can bring him home with you!!!! Praise God he is okay! Look forward to hearing more!!!!

Barbara C 3:54 AM  

great news! Looking forward to the full story and pictures some day!

Jenn 12:20 PM  

the joy is evident in your post! congratulations mommy! praying for bright...

Momto13 5:22 PM  

Praying for you my friend! I am sorry that I had missed all the excitement and prayers but I am home now from Haiti. I am looking forward to (blog stalking) the next update. Why can't Bright go in the internet cafe?
Praying that things move fast and he can come home with you!

Christine 2:06 PM  

How exciting! I think it's great that Bright is doing so well with you considering he's not been around white people before. (Tabby had the opposite problem, she didn't like black people--go figure since she's black)
I know having a nice place to stay is a plus too. Glad they're taking care of Brights medical needs. Praying that Bright will be ready to come home with you.
God bless,

Kelly 10:34 PM  

Anita, So relieved Bright is doing so well. I will be praying that he joins you at home very soon.

Is it a holiday there? Why is the USCIS guy off all week? I really think he should have scheduled his vacation time a little better! (hehe)

Thanks for the update on my kidlins. I really pray I hear more soon. I need to be sure my little Sadia is getting the TLC she needs. Do you know why she wasn't in school? Do you know if she is getting ongoing medical care?

Take care and I hope to hear more good news from you soon!