Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I talked to Anita

For a little bit today. She is doing well, and Bright is as well. He is really attaching to her much better now. He even gets anxious when she has to leave the room for a few minutes. Also she got to see is FIRST STEPS EVER!!! He has only taken one unassisted step so far, but Anita got to see it. How awesome for an adoptive mommy to be able to see that HUGE milestone. He is not crawling yet, but has this one legged shove he does, it was hard to explain so Anita gave up and said, "Eric did the same thing"

I didn't get to talk for too long and I was SOO glad that she was not upset with me not going to Tulsa, because Mia got sick. She was very understanding and I was really grateful. But enough about me.

I know you all are wondering about Anita, at this time it looks like Anita may be "met" by a friend from OK in Ghana. Her friend is trying to leave OK on Sunday and arrive on Monday and they are hoping to be able to fly out together on Monday April 2, instead of Thursday March 29th as originally planned.

Keep them in your prayers as we all miss them. Sorry it is not much of an update but it is what I have.

Be Blessed as I am...