Thursday, March 08, 2007

Just talked to Bright's Orphanage!

Well, I took the plunge and called Mama Eugenia (director of Bright's orphanage) this morning. She was so perplexed and her English isn't the best but we muddled through. She said, "But Bright isn't sick." and I told her that our doctor thought his blood might be sick and she said I should take him to the doctor. She said, "Okay, okay." I tried to ask if Edward and Darren (who are there right now and returning to Accra on Sunday) could bring Bright with them to Accra. She thought that was a crazy idea! She said, "But who will change his diaper? You know, Bright he is so small Anita." LOL! I told her I thought Darren could do that and she said, "Have you spoken to Darren to ask if he can do that?" I told her I couldn't get ahold of Darren or Edward (yet) so she said, "I think you better come on Monday then. He needs a woman." LOL! We'll see what happens there, but at least she's fine with me taking Bright to the hospital in Accra.

She said that Bright is doing good. She also said that he drinks from both a bottle and a cup. Somehow my worry is decreasing and my excitment to meet (and hopefully bring home) our son is multiplying by the moment!!!! I just know he's going to be okay...



Grosso Family 10:08 AM  

good to hear that you are starting to get excited! I'm sure this will all work out.

Christina/Mrs. Broccoli Guy 10:09 AM  

Wow, a lot happens so quickly on your blog! (and um, in your life! LOL) I'm sorry to hear that Bright has a medical concern, but excited for you that you are going to see him very soon! I remember when we were waiting for R I just worried so much about her health and it was such a relief to take things into our own hands and just go there and take care of her ourselves. My prayers go with you, and with Bright, of course.

Barbara C 4:08 PM  

My kids are praying for Bright too!