Thursday, March 08, 2007

Back down to earth

Well, after everything falling together perfectly yesterday, today didn't quite measure up. Some good things happened. Our senator said they will be sending a letter to the embassy in Accra urging them to process Bright's case as quickly as possible (without cutting corners, of course). I also got the letter from my doctor.
I've had this tooth that began to bother me on the way home from Ghana last August. I was in a LOT of pain by the time I got home. I hate to go to the dentist, but I knew that I would need to get it taken care of before I fly again so I made an appointment for next Wednesday, thinking that would give me plenty of time before I went to Ghana. NOT! So they got me in today. The news wasn't good. It was abscessed and I had to choose a root canal or extraction. Choosing to do nothing wasn't an option because he said the tooth could "explode" any day (whatever that means...didn't sound good). So I chose the extraction because it was cheaper (and it's my very back tooth). He told me that no matter what I am going to hurt a LOT on my way to Ghana. Great. OH MY GOODNESS I hurt so bad already! And the stinkin' thing won't stop bleeding! And then there is the fear that I'll get a dry socket while I'm gone...or an infection. Ugh. Pray that everything heals well please. It's put a big damper on my day.
I talked to Lois today. She was unavailable yesterday when everything was happening (coming back from Haiti) so I had to make decisions on my own. She was understanding but I think she wishes we could take it slower and have Bright evaluated at a hospital in Ghana before I went over there. The ticket is already paid for and it's nonrefundable so that isn't an option. I don't think I would want to take the chance anyway. I just need to be there. Lois is concerned that I'm going to go over there and make the embassy mad by being too pushy about getting Bright home. I don't intend to do that at all, but I do intend to try to work WITH them and I do intend to advocate for Bright. The embassy is there to serve American citizens. This embassy doesn't seem to be too happy about that, but that's the way it is.
Lois also shared that Bright's birth certificate wasn't the right kind. Evidently the BC they have is the one that was made at his birth and the one that they need has to be generated after the adoption. So Edward is supposed to be getting that while he is at Eugemot this week. Lois doesn't think that our passport has even been applied for yet. Not good.
So I guess today was a bit discouraging just because the odds are against Bright and I coming home together. At the same time, I KNOW that God doesn't play by the odds and if He wants Bright home by April everything will work out while I'm there. Lois kept asking "What if you get there and he's fine?" My answer to that is, "I'm going to thank God!" LOL! If I get there and everything checks out great I will cry tears of joy! I'll still use the time to try to get my baby ready to go home with me. And I'll love on him and get to know Ghana better, and be available for whatever purpose the Lord has in store for me. It won't be wasted time. There has to be a purpose behind all of this or I don't believe everything would have fallen into place so quickly yesterday. I just hope I don't have to come home without my baby...for me and ESPECIALLY for him I hope that.
P.S. Got word today from Lois that Bright is trying to walk!


Christina 12:52 AM  

oh my that tooth extraction came at such a bad time! Hubby had one done just after Christmas and the literature said to put a teabag on it to stop the bleeding. But the, you probably know that. You have so much to process and work out all at once... but soon you'll be on your way to Bright! I'll be praying for everything to fall into place for your baby to come home with you.