Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Morning Update--by the dots!

  • Thanks for the prayers and suggestions about my bleeding socket. It finally stopped before I went to bed last night. Whew! Now I've just got to keep the little "clot" in there to avoid a dry socket. The pain is quite barable--wonder if that will change in a plane though???
  • Lois hasn't been able to reach Edward yet about bringing Bright back to Accra with him on Sunday, but she said not to worry...she's got her ways. =-)
  • We remembered last night that we have $1000 donation sitting at Kingdom Kids that I should have used to buy our plan ticket! Ack! So I'll be talking to them today about how we can still benefit from the donation even though agency fees and tickets have been paid. Will ask if they can send the money to LVI to be used for Bright's medical expenses or my travel expenses in Ghana.
  • I've got to write and have a Power of Attorney signed by Eric today. Not sure what I'll need it for but figure it's a good thing to have "just in case."
  • Got clarification on the little developmental update that Ernest sent about Bright. He is crawling "bit by bit" and can now bare weight on his legs for a "short time with help."
  • LOTS of shopping to do still. This leaving for Ghana with only 3 days notice is tough! LOL!
  • One of my senators has (or will?) send a letter on Bright's behalf to the Embassy in Accra, urging them to process his case as quickly as possible.
  • Today will be used to make lots of lists (contact lists, grocery lists, packing lists, etc.), to pack, and to shop.

Okay, back to the work at hand!


Jen 11:09 AM  

Anita, I just caught up on your blog and saw what's going on with Bright! He'll be in my prayers. I'm so glad you're going over there. I think you being there will really help get him the help he needs. He needs an advocate. Take care of yourself and hang in there. I know this will work out and you will get him home to care for him the way you know is best. Take care!!

Grosso Family 11:57 AM  

in our thoughts anita - try and rest before you get out there too....didn't see that on your list to do :-)

Holly - Mama and Midwife 2:58 PM  

Anita! I haven't read your blog for a couple of days and look what I've missed! Have a great trip - what a whirlwind. I do have to tell you that the letter from the Senator will likely be round-filed. I talked in detail to Embassy personnel and they told me that they get so many of those types of letters that unless the Senator contacts the Ambassador, it won't make much difference. Hugs for a safe trip, a healthy boy and the ability to bring him home with you.

Jenn 10:38 PM  

Whew, Anita, you have had a roller coaster week. May the rest of your planning, trip and reunion with Bright be full of peace and joy.

Pastor Deb 10:27 PM  

Hi Everyone. This is Pastor Deborah, president of Hands of Mercy (where Anita and Bright are staying.) We are so blessed to have them at the home. This is exciting for the children and Paul and Lawrencia just love to have any of us come and visit. I was there with my 11 yr old in Novemeber. I miss all the children and everyone there.We are very open to having adoptive and supporting parents visit. If you are interested check out our site at bless you and May God grant you the desires of your heart!!!Deborah