Saturday, March 10, 2007

Last post from home (I think)...

**Update: Talked to Lois. Still not sure if Bright will be at the airport or not. May be going to get him in Ho Hoe on Monday. Won't know until I get to the airport. =-(
Well, I'm outta here in 7 hours. Some moments I think "What am I doing?! This is crazy!" and other moments I know I've got to go to make sure Bright is okay. Sometimes I just know God is going to soften hearts and allow Bright to come home with me. Othertimes I tell myself to get ready, because the liklihood of me carrying my baby home is small.

The shopping is done (ouch!) and everything is laid out waiting to be packed. I still have to write contact lists for those here, and instructions, grocery list, etc. Thank the Lord my mom is here to help corral my thoughts right now. She is such an endless blessing to me.

Lois is supposed to call me sometime today before I leave just to touch base one more time and confirm everything. She says that her plan is definitely to have Edward bring Bright back with them from Ho Hoe on Sunday and then for him and Bright to meet me at the airport upon my arrival. So GREAT for me--so SCARY for Bright (poor baby).

We'll go "home" (to Hands of Mercy) from there. Unless Bright just looks really bad on Sunday, I don't plan to take him to the hospital until Monday. I'm not sure who is taking me at this point but I'm sure someone will. I pray that everything checks out perfectly and my baby is okay.

After Monday everything is unknown. I plan to buy a cheap cell phone there so that I can be in some contact with my family. They will update the blog as they can. I hope that there is an internet cafe within walking distance of Hands of Mercy so that I can communicate that way.

Prayer Requests:
  • Please pray for the Lord to SOFTEN HEARTS of those in Ghana who could make a difference in Bright's life (doctors, passport office, EMBASSY PERSONNEL).

  • Please pray that Bright is HEALTHY!

  • Please pray that I can stay healthy to take care of Bright.

  • Please pray for my heart, and my family's heart here in Oklahoma as we navigate the month without each other. My children are especially upset.

  • Please pray that good, strong friendships are built while I am in Ghana.

  • Please pray that the Lord provides the financial means necessary to complete this task.

  • Please pray that Bright and I come home together.

Thank you friends. I hope to be in touch soon.

Love, Anita


Amblin 8:16 AM  

God bless and God speed!

Grosso Family 11:03 AM  

Anita ~ good luck ~ I'm sure everything will work out the way it's suppose to. Chin up you are in for the ride of your life!!!
Save travels & thoughts to Bright that he's OK. Cheers ~

Christina 11:43 AM  

praying for you. hope you have a chance to blog, I'm eager to hear how things go...

Jennifer 7:09 PM  

Your off in the air somewhere now! Can't wait to hear about your adventures! Praying for the kiddos at home and you in Ghana, oh, and your husband and mom!!