Monday, March 12, 2007

Anita is in Ghana

Hi I am Nichole, Anita's little sis, and I have agreed to keep you "up to date" on the goings on with Anita while she is gone.

We have not heard a lot but the little we have heard is here.

Anita called Eric either yesterday or today and she reported that Bright was not in Accra when she arrived, so she was driving to Ho Hoe to get Bright and bring him to the hospital. Hopefully by now she has darling Bright in her arms and has him either on his way to or in the hands of the doctors in Accra.

Please continue to pray for Anita and Bright as she works to get him the medical attention he needs. Also rejoice that Anita is probably holding her darling boy in her arms at this moment.

As I hear things I will be sure to report them to you. I don't know if it will be daily or weekly, or what, but I will do the best I can to keep you all updated. Also when I go to stay with Eric and the kids, I will let you know how they are all doing without their mommy and wife.

Please pray for all of the family as they go through this time apart.


Jennifer 12:21 PM  

Thanks Nicole for updating us. I have been checking often to see if there is any news! I can't wait to hear that Anita has Bright!!!

7,812 Miles 12:30 PM  

Thanks Nicole...getting updates will be great!

Anita...I hope that your travels are going well. I have been keeping you and your whole family in my thoughts and prayers. It is so exciting that you probably have little Bright in your arms right now!

Godspeed...and best of luck with everything. I'll keep checking for more updates!

ManyBlessings 3:24 PM  

(((Waving at you Nichole)))

Thanks for keeping us updated and can't wait to hear that she has Bright with her.


Grosso Family 4:36 PM  

Nichole - thanks for the update.
Anita - hope you are doing great!

The McKenzie Crew 7:50 AM  

Praying for you!!!!!


I love Brighton's name:):)

Amblin 10:46 AM  

Checking in for more updates! I am looking forward to the one where it says Anita has Brighton! :)