Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Anita has Bright

Well our mom got a short voice mail from Anita at 8:50PM CST, so about 3:50PM Ghana time, and this is what it said:

*Anita has Bright.

*Anita was still in Ho Hoe

*Going to Accra this morning

*Had a Doctor's appt this morning, but we don't know if it was in Accra or Ho Hoe, I would think it would be in Accra, but don't know for sure.

*Anita is Safe

*And Anita will be getting a cell phone today to try to get in touch better with our mom and Eric.

I know this isn't a lot of information, but it is all good information.


7,812 Miles 12:11 PM  

Thanks for the update!
It is so nice to hear that Anita has Bright! I'll be keeping them in my thoughts and prayers...hoping the doctor appointment goes well and all the news is good news!

Christina 2:40 PM  

So good to know Anita has Bright with her... thanks for the updates! Praying for Bright and for both of them to be able to come home soon!

cameo 6:25 PM  

So glad on the small update on Bright. He's been on my prayer list so I'm glad to have some info.

Grosso Family 7:59 PM  

good to have the update :-) cheers Nichole!!!