Thursday, April 19, 2007


*Updated: The I-604 will be done in Ghana so we aren't ready to travel yet. I've written the embassy to see if they will contact us when it is approved. Passport--the latest is that it will be another 3 weeks, but I really think there is no telling. I wasn't worried about it until today since I thought we could be waiting a few months for the I-600 approval!
PRAISE GOD!!!!! I got an email from the lady at our local CIS this morning telling me that our I-600 had been APPROVED!!!!! TWO DAYS! I'm not sure whether or not it was approved with the I-604 (orphan investigation) or not, but have written back asking. If it was approved with the I-604 then we are home free and ready to travel as soon as Bright has his passport! If not, then I think we need to wait to hear from the US Embassy in Ghana that the orphan investigation has been completed.

Bright, you're coming home baby boy! Get ready!


Amblin 8:47 AM  


That is so wonderful!

Kelly 9:08 AM  

That is AMAZING news! My eyes teared up while reading that! Congratulations!

7,812 Miles 9:21 AM  


What amazing news Anita!!

Any news on when the passport will be completed?

Christina 10:53 AM  

Wow that is really fast. So exciting! Hope the rest of the pieces fall into place very soon!

Anonymous 4:05 PM  

Praying God moves mountains to get your little guy home soon!
Love, April

Leslie 5:26 PM  

Congratulations Anita! That is awesome, awesome news!!