Thursday, April 19, 2007

Travel Journal: Wedesday 3-21-07

*Yes! All of the pics to day are "just" Bright. Deal with it! LOL! The last shot was NOT staged. His belly and rump just refuse to hold up a diaper!
The bugs have abandoned my ankles, feet, wrists and arms for my stomach, back and rump! Ack! I itch!! =-)
Today was not as expected but it was still a good day. Christian canceled our meeting and rescheduled for Saturday. So it was a slow day. Somehow Paul and I never seem to run out of conversation.

On the Bright front, he has decided that he is a big boy and should control the spoon--yea! This will be great at home but he would make a huge mess here so we are having a bit of a power struggle. Also when other people were holding him today, Bright cried out for me! The local pastor tried to take him from me and Bright would have none of it! God is good. Even though I am doing a lot wrong as far as attachment parenting goes, God seems to be helping Bright attach a bit more each day.

The lost money arrived today. Whew! Praise God! No passport yet but Edward still says by the end of the week.

Eric can't change my flight from the US so Edward, Paul and I will go to the KLM office here in Accra tomorrow and hope for the Monday flight.

Edward says that the new Ghanaian clothes his wife made for us are ready. Can't wait to see them! I think we might wear them for church on Sunday. Paul is arranging for the Hands of Mercy children to sing--I can't wait!
The children here are so special. Before I came I really don't think I had a huge passion for older child adoption. Now that I've spent time with these children I think constantly about finding families for them. And Paul does such a wonderful job with them! He isn't the typical Ghanaian man that is hands off with children. He is loving and nurturing. He also helps feed and cloth and bathe and watch the little ones. He is every bit a loving father to them.

Tonight I sat in the living room with them as they prayed, then learned, then prayed again. They went through a list of English vocabulary words that Paul thought they should know. They discussed the meaning of words, foreigner, community, dentist, orphan, and family. During prayer Paul directs the children to pray about certain things. Tonight they were asked to pray for Bright and I--specifically that Bright would get a visa and go home with me. I wish I could describe what it's like to have 14 orphans praying for God's mercy on you...that God should release us from any barriers standing in our way...that God should make Bright a great man in America. Humbling, is too proud of a word.

They are so excited that Linda is coming! They prayed for her safe travel and that God would show her her child while she is here. Of course they all hope they will be chosen.

*Post trip note: Linda didn't get to come to Ghana. But someday...

Looks like my agency friend will be here on Monday and stay until the following Saturday. I expect great things to come together. In fact, by the time she gets here the first child for that program may have arrived!!!

I've decided to stay two days in the hotel while she's here. I'm sure I will become a spoiled American again. Even just visiting for a few minutes yesterday I had a hard time leaving! LOL! I pray that good relationships are built and that many more Ghanaian children will soon come to America.

I don't think I've written much in this journal about how utterly in love I am with Bright. He is such a happy and easy-going baby (never would have guessed that most of the first week!). He is a little joker and is SO giggly now that he's comfortable. I think I will most miss his kisses and just feeling that chubby belly of his once I go (if he has to stay). If he has to stay I know I will miss him terribly. At the same time I have such peace. I'm not worried about what the Embassy will say next week. I truly can feel that God has all of it worked out already and He has assured me that it's for the best. Maybe Bright will come with me...or maybe he has to stay a while so that Paul can come to the US to escort Bright. Both ways, blessings will abound and God will have the glory!!!


Gardiner Family Blog Spot 12:18 PM  

The pic w/the book on his head...he DOES NOT look his age. He looks so much older!! hehehe And what a ham. He is going to keep you on your toes w/that charming smile and beautiful big eyes!