Friday, April 20, 2007

We got our I-171, and a surprise!

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that we got Bright's I-171 (approval of the I-600) in the mail today! They said it would be next week before we got it, but it came much faster! So on Tuesday I applied and on Friday I have the document in my hand! Nothing but God... Nothing but God...

Also, we got another HUGE blessing! They marked us for an IR-3 visa! This means that Bright will be a citizen as soon as his feet hit US soil, he'll get a Certificate of Citizenship in the mail 45 days (or less) later, and we won't *have* to readopt him (we still will)! Yippee!!!!!

The document said that the Consulate in Ghana will notify us when we can come for a visa appointment. Can't wait for that day. The last few days I've felt a desperate need to hold my baby again. He is walking everywhere now (I'm told) and his last lab still showed him anemic but the numbers aren't horrible so he's still safe for now.


Leslie 8:27 PM  

Congratulations Anita! I'm so happy for you!!