Saturday, April 21, 2007

Travel Journal: Thursday 3-22-07

Writing on the porch as the children practice for a Sunday singing performance.

Today (so far) has been an okay day. This morning Edward came and we went to the bank to collect the money Eric sent. Whew. Then we went to KLM office to try to delay my departure but flights are full. They said to come back on the 28th and they thought that something would open up. Hope so. Checked on a ticket for Bright--only $200 from here rather than $800 from the states!

After those errands we went to Edward's office (very nice) and on to his house so that I could try on the clothes his wife made for Bright and I. They are beautiful--just wish I was a better model! LOL!

I don't think we got passports today. Still holding out hope for tomorrow. I know Edward is doing everything he can.
More drama with Lois today. The entire time I've been here she hasn't called to see how Bright is, or if I need any support. But today she emailed saying that she had received "several messages" about me posting child information on my blog. Hogwash. I posted basic updates for parents that asked me to check on their children. They are all my friends. And IF anybody had a problem with it I truly believe they would write to ME--not Lois. I truly think she lied. Lois said I should be concerned about being sued. Whatever.

*Post trip note: In fact, every family that I sent an update to through my blog wrote and said they had not written to Lois and were not upset by me posting on my blog. Hmmm.

In addition to that I was so sad to find out that other families are having similar issues with LVI. I truly hoped I would be the only person to have such problems. Even from Ghana I am hearing stories of inconsistent behavior. I truly feel sorry for Lois and know she must be completely overwhelmed. She just isn't handling it well.


So tonight is "lights out" night. Every 5 days a different area of Accra loses power for 12 hours. This is the 2nd "lights out" since I came. I don't like "lights out!" I do okay sleeping in the heat with a fan going but it is difficult with no moving air. The wind blows strong all day here, but dies at night so the windows are no help. Even Bright squirms all night when it's "lights out." Paul always offers to take me to a hotel but I'd rather stay at "home" and just deal with it. That's how good it is to be here at Hands of Mercy. =-)
I had a sweet moment with Bright tonight. He was SO tired after I showered him that he fell asleep as I was putting lotion all over him. He just fell right over onto my legs and he was out! Guess my little guy thinks massage with lotion is pretty alright. ;-)
Today Bright has started a new phase in the attachment game. He's decided to start testing my authority. I haven't seen the aggressive side of Bright before today. Today he threw a whopping fit when I wouldn't let him have a cracker before nap and pinched/scratched the heck out of my chest. He did NOT like me restraining him and telling him no! Part of the problem was that he was overly tired. SO instead of letting him hurt me I laid him beside me to finish his fit. When he was done he cuddled into me, put his arm over me, and went to sleep. Such a good feeling. It was such a neat moment that I took a picture of us. It's a horrid picture of me, but a sweet memory I am glad I can look at in the future.
*Post trip note: No judging the fat white lady until you see how you look in Ghana with no fan, no air conditioning, swelling, rashes, bug bites, and no makeup! LOL!

After nap we had our cracker snack and he again threw a fit when I wouldn't allow him to hold one in each hand. Then tonight he decided to become quite aggressive with the dog and I--hitting us both in the face. Of course I got serious, held his hands and told him "No hit!" Eventually he stopped. He's just trying to see if I will discipline him, I suppose. This too shall pass.

No passport today--it's official. Edward was told to come back tomorrow (again). Knowing that Lois is coming and having been warned that she may have plans to hinder things for me, I talked to Edward tonight about our adoption paperwork. He has agreed to give me the paperwork tomorrow--even if the passport doesn't come. I'm so glad about this. If I have my paperwork I don't *think* that I have anything to worry about when Lois comes. I don't want to believe that she would do anything to hurt our process, but I would rather play it safe.

I look forward to when my agency friend comes. It definitely wasn't in the plan that she would be coming here now (or that I would be here, for that matter) but I believe that God orchestrated everything for "such a time as this." I think/hope a good program can be built--one with a solid foundation that starts small and grows with time. I look forward to helping her in any way I can. I pray that soon the children of Ghana will have a new, strong ally (sp?) to advocate for them. Well, I guess I'll try to start my restless night of sleep. It's 7:45pm here. =-)

*Post trip note: I didn't get to sleep until midnight that night it was so hot! Re: Lois...although certainly nothing was done to help or support me during her time in Ghana, she did nothing to sabotage my efforts either (that I know of).