Sunday, April 29, 2007

Let's Have Some Fun!

I might be the only one that things this will be fun, but I hope so. =-) This whole adoption process for Bright has been so full of unknowns and I usually let them get me down. But, knowing that we've GOT to be close to travel soon, I think we should do something fun and have a guessing game!

1. When do you think I will get clearance to travel for Bright?
2. What day to you think I will be united with Bright for the LAST time?
3. Easy transition or hard transition (compared to the last 3 weeks in Ghana)?

Okay folks! Put your answers in the comments section along with a name and I'll be sure to post the results once we know the answers. Do you win anything? Don't know yet! LOL!


Gardiner Family Blog Spot 9:30 PM  

There is something about bringing your baby home on Mother's Day that says to me "It is FINAL" You will hold that baby in your arms one last time knowing that THIS Mother's Day will be the most remembered!! I hope and pray you don't have to wait that long.

My thoughts is it isn' tthis week...But is is only TWO WEEKS away. And 2 weeks seems like a year when you need that baby in your arms.

Is Taevy going to be able to travel with you??

Your family is in our prayers.

7,812 Miles 11:33 AM  

I LOVE the Gardiner family's idea that it be on Mother's Day! How amazing would that be?!?! Start packing those bags, Anita!

Praying that you get the go-ahead SOON!

Barbara C 1:53 PM  

I'm out of guesses. But I hope it's very very soon!

ManyBlessings 2:35 PM  

Hmmm...just to be the oddball, I'm going to guess May 11 so that he's yours BEFORE Mother's Day! Crossing my fingers for you!