Sunday, April 29, 2007

This Week

Hi friends,

Well...I'm nesting...I'm getting calls everyday to see if there is "any news about the baby"...and thoughts of Bright are flooding my mind. It's GOT to be close right??! So I'm going to put all of my focus on breakthrough occurring in Bright's paperwork THIS WEEK! My prayer will be that the passport is issued THIS WEEK and that I will not only speak to the embassy THIS WEEK but also get clearance for us to travel THIS WEEK!

Breakthrough...breakthrough...we've got to be close to a breakthrough! I want my "8 months, 19 months" post on Friday to be the LAST one of those posts! Our hearts are now fully prepared for Bright's homecoming. It was huge last week when one of Eric's doctors asked how many kids we have and he said "three" with no further explanation. Eric falls in love once the kids are home, but in Bright's case he's had enough time for the process to begin before homecoming. We're ready Lord! Just send him home!!!

So...Eric and I ask that you would please join us in a week of prayer and focus on the powers that be releasing our son for homecoming THIS WEEK! This is a tiny little task for job that will reverberate in our lives as a major BREAKTHROUGH!!

P.S. The world says that Bright's passport will be done by Friday (again). The world says that we could be waiting months for travel approval from the embassy. But I will be calling the embassy later in the week to attempt a status check on our case.