Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thanks for the Prayers

Things went pretty good at our CIS office today. The woman (who is actually an assistant to the CIS officer) took all of our paperwork and said she would put it on the officer's desk rather than "in the drawer." I guess this is good? ;-) Officially the timeline is 45-60 days for our office (but she says this is worst case scenario). The lady said that I should email her in a week to check the status of our file. I just pray that they have everything that they need and we don't have to have a field investigation.



Amblin 6:02 AM  


I am so glad everything went well. It sounds pretty positive!!

Is your agency not doing this for you or is that something that agencies don't do? (Sorry...I'm a total newbie to adoption and that's probably a silly question)

Anita and Family 1:05 PM  

Amblin, not a silly question. No, our agency isn't helping with this and yes, agencies SHOULD help with this. =-)