Monday, April 16, 2007

Travel Journal: Monday, 3-19-07

I'm tired. It's 10:30pm here--so I probably won't write much tonight. What I do write will most likely be edited when I post it on the blog because of agency relationship stuff. was another good day. Nothing official to do so I spent the day with Bright, Paul, Lawrencia and Noah (their 1.5 year old son)--talking and watching the boys play. Bright is catching on to the benefits of independance and wants to practice ta-ta (walk) a lot. He wants the independance that Noah has! It was another day of no fits about being with me, or coming back to me after someone else holds him. Yea! Bright is such a sweet baby. I can't wait for my family and friends to meet him!

I heard today that my friend Linda might still try to come to Ghana before I leave. I hope she makes it! I also heard from an agency friend who now hopes to travel at the end of next week to get their Ghana program going! I will be so excited to spend time with her and help in any way I can. She is interested in starting their own home here. I see great things in the future!! I will be embaressed to meet her in my current state--red splotches covering my very white body with crazy hair and no make-up. Oh well.

Found out today that the orphan officer for the embassy is out "on post" this entire week so next week will be my only chance to work out the visa thing. I don't see me bringing Bright home, but God will work it out if it's supposed to happen that way. I am at peace.

Okay, well my baby is trying to cuddle my writing arm as he sleeps so I will stop writing and cuddle him back while I can.