Saturday, April 14, 2007

Update on Current Stuff

Well, it's been a busy week in our household, and the next few weeks promise to be just as busy. =-)

I spent several hours last week researching the I-600 and I-604 (orphan investigation)--trying to figure out if the paperwork we have will be good enough to get an approval. Honestly, if I was the officer that was going to approve or deny the paperwork I would want more. But someone I trust, that would know, said that it will probably be enough. I also wrote to my local CIS office to share about our situation and included the documents I have. They said that they only thing they need that I didn't list was a copy of our I-171h and photos of me with Bright. I have an appointment to submit the I-600 in person next Tuesday in Oklahoma City.

I can't figure out why they would want photos of me with Bright. I didn't see him before the adoption was complete, and even if *I* had, Eric hasn't. So there's no way to get an IR-3 (automatic citizenship with no readoption) visa. I have heard of people getting the IR-3 visa when they weren't technically supposed to (because the officer checked the wrong box). Wouldn't that be a nice mistake?! LOL!

For some reason I had it in my mind that our fingerprints expired in August. But in reality they expire at the end of June. This isn't good news. I would bet that Bright will be home by then, but it isn't a guarentee by any means, so one of the questions I'm going to ask the folks at CIS on Tuesday is when the clock stops ticking? Are we "safe" once the I-600 is logged in? Or once the I-600 is approved? Or does Bright need to have his visa before our fingerprints expire? Hmmm...

Let's see...I've been home for...a tiny bit over 2 weeks from Ghana. Seems like at least a few months have passed since I left my baby. I am shocked at myself because I already have the itch to go back. Not just because of Bright, but also because I just plain miss it. I miss my friends. I miss the accepting non-judgemental atmosphere. I miss the lack of American materialism. I miss being able to talk face to face with Paul and Edward. I miss Ghana. [I DON'T miss the heat or the bug bites or the weird heat rashes or the electrical outages!]

Since it seems that Eric will be able to do his dialysis himself I will probably plan to go back for Bright when he is ready to come home (as opposed to having him escorted). I hope that I am able to take Taevy with me (if finances allow), as she so wants to experience Ghana and I want her to experience it as well. The trip will be a short one--maybe 3 or 4 days--just enough to spend a few days with friends, get a bit of work done, and get Bright's visa.