Saturday, April 14, 2007

Travel Journal: Saturday, 3-17-07

Long day. Nothing official to do today but we were still both up at 6:15am. I stayed in the room for as long as I could entertain Bright--trying to get us off to a good start today. Bright experienced Cheerios for the first time. He really likes them! Of course, what toddler doesn't like cheerios?! Not only the taste but the sensory experience of digging his hands into a baggy of them.
*Post trip note: The kids at the orphanage also LOVED LOVED LOVED cheerios--even better than M&Ms.

After eating breakfast I put Bright on my back and we headed to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions the doctors who said he was okay prescribed. ;-) Half way there (maybe 1/2 a mile) I realized I forgot the prescriptions! Crap! I'm so weak! LOL! I headed back home then back to the pharmacy. The pharmacist complained about the doctor's handwriting and I told her this must be a worldwide problem. $10 later I had my 3 drugs for Bright (nose and ear drops and an antibiotic).

On the way home I stopped and splurged .35 for an orange Fanta. They want to keep the bottles so you sit and drink your soda before going. I had a good conversation about baby-wearing and adoption with the ladies before going back home. Bright and I napped once home.

Gosh--this day is kind of a blur. Electricity has been on and off and will probably remain off the rest of the night. Water was off for a few hours today too, but thankfully it is fixed now.
Today I learned how to make Jollof (Lawrencia makes it with rice AND spaghetti rather than rice alone). It was vegetable oil, onion, tomato paste, talapia (or tuna), bouillon, season salt, white pepper, carrion powder, rice, and noodles. I know it sounds a little odd, but it is so yummy! Of course they normally make it with "spice" but Lawrencia holds the pepper for me.

Earlier in the day Paul splurged and bought bananas. He bought about 12. He ate about 9 of them in one sitting! LOL! Little Bright ate 2 1/2 by himself! Ghanaians know how to eat bananas!!!

I was a better mommy to Bright today. The only time he was held by someone else was at dinner when he didn't want to eat (still full of bananas) so I let the boys take him for about 20 minutes. Today he has been gripy, but he's only had one outright fit (this morning). Progress is slow but we are making progress.

I talked to Eric tonight. Oh how I miss my family. He said my email made him tear up--which tells me that he really does miss me (not usually a cryer at all). I've really been doing okay up until tonight but having a down day mixed with hearing Eric's voice made me lose it. Oh how I miss them. I won't go into sappy details because it will make me start crying again. Eric said I should stay one or two weeks longer if it means I can bring Bright home but I don't know if I can do that. Not only because I miss them so much (and know Bright will be fine here) but also because I just found out Bright and I have been taking Lawrencia and Paul's bedroom while they sleep in the storage room!! I feel awful about that!!

I don't think there will be much sleep tonight with the heat (even Bright is laying here squirming) but I suppose I should try. To morrow will be a long day--church with Edward then out to the orphanage land in the heat of the day (1 hour each way). Goodbye Saturday.


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I love your updates!! Really I do!! :) And love love love the sweet pictures!! L, G