Sunday, April 15, 2007

Life Goes On

Today was another day where I really missed Bright. Must be something about the weekends that compromises my ability to ignore how much I miss him. But tonight was a good reminder that there is still a lot of life going on--even fun stuff--that I should be sure not to ignore.

Taevy (6.5 years) lost her first tooth today! I never thought this would be a big deal to me as a parent but I find myself being much more emotional about it than I anticipated. My baby! She has lots her first tooth. And the one next to it is already loose.

She complained how much it was bothering her so I had her sit on my lap. Then I pulled out a length of dental floss and tied it around her tooth. Then I asked her what she wanted me to count to. Ten. Great. One...two...three...four...five...SIXseveneightnineten! If I would have waited until 10 she would have backed out! LOL! She didn't realized what had happened until I showed her the tooth. It was ready to come out--didn't even bleed. Of coures then she had to brush it so that it is clean for the tooth fairly.;-)
Sometimes I get sucked into thinking about how "old" my kids are--how huge they've gotten--how hard it is to pick them up now (at least Taevy). But then I see Taevy running off through the school yard, and how tiny she looks amongst the "big" kids, and I take a deep breath. I've got them for a while longer yet. =-)