Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm Going--Part II

Well, I'm heading to Ghana this Friday the 18th and will plan to come home on Saturday June 2nd. That gives me two weeks to accomplish a ton of things in Ghana, not the least of which I hope will be obtaining Bright's visa.

It came down to this... The embassy will be closed most of June due to them moving into a new building. July is a horrible month for me to get "the call" to travel because my family needs pretty major support while I'm gone and our "pretty major support" will be on vacation in July! We have the home support we need if I'm gone the next two weeks, so we're taking a chance and hoping that God works it all out.

And He has a LOT to work out. Still no passport. And to top it off our I-600 approval never made it to Ghana when it was sent a month ago! So I have an inquiry into the National Visa Center about resending the approval, and am hoping that by the time next Monday rolls around both the passport and I-600 approval will be ready and waiting in Ghana. Just small stuff, right? Well it is...for God.

Also while there I will get to work with another AAI employee to help set up our children's home! We will get to look for the perfect house, buy furniture and materials, set up procedures, hire staff, and all kinds of other fun stuff. And I'm so excited about seeing "our" AAI kids again! And taking photos for their intended parents, and learning about their little personalities. How did I get so lucky?

I know it's stupid for me to even ask, but please pray with me that it all works out this time; that I don't come home empty handed again; that Bright and I find favor with the powers that be and are successful in all endeavours.

And pray that I don't go crazy the next few days trying to get everything ready!!!



ManyBlessings 8:16 PM  

I'll be praying. Good luck and God bless!

Barbara C 1:06 AM  

Praying hard...

Anonymous 7:40 AM  

Just don't be fooled again inside the airport re: your luggage! Good luck and hope all works out for B n U...