Thursday, May 10, 2007

So far today....

**Update @ 8:20pm Ghana time: Edward did go to the house to visit Bright today. But did he bring the passport? No. Has he picked it up yet? No. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow...**

Today has the potential to be a good day on the adoption front. Here's what's going on...

Got up this morning and called Paul. He says that he and Edward has talked and Edward will probably be bringing Bright's passport over to the house today. Could this really be happening?! I asked Paul to scan Bright's passport in when he has it in hand.

I've heard some things that indicate I might be able to travel to Accra and just get all of the immigration stuff done in a fairly quick amount of time. I want to just believe that and head on over, but I don't know how I'd get over there again (financially) if I had to come home empty handed. So I started trying to call the consulate with renewed vigor today. After dozens of "no answer" attempts I decided to try the DHS office.

I got a living person at DHS and she said that I needed to talk to the consular section about Bright's status. Ugh. So I asked her for the number (wondering if the one on the website was wrong) and she gave me the same number I already had. Ugh. BUT she did say that they answer the phone between 3 and 4pm. So excited--I gave myself a few hours break from the calls.

At 10am (3pm there) I started calling. I told myself I would call the entire hour over and over again so that I knew I was doing everything I could do. Thirty minutes of useless attempts. No answer. So I took a 3 minute break to call my senator's aide just in case she had heard from the embassy (she's been trying to contact them). As luck would have it, she had heard from them! Didn't I get her email? No.

So basically they told her that I should email and that was the best way to reach them. Great. I've emailed a million times and it always bounces back as undeliverable. I asked her if it was the address. She said yes. So I started telling her this was a useless address but she cut me off..."No. I made a mistake it's ." Oh! So how convenient that it's misprinted on the embassy website, right? Anyway, she said that the embassy told her they would be looking for my inquiry and that emails are answered daily.

Not wanting to give up on my hour long of attempts to get in touch by phone, I continued on my quest. 25 more minutes of useless "no answer" calls and then 11am (4pm) rolled around. Calls are over for today.

So now I have written to what I hope is the correct email address and I pray that I hear some response by end of business tomorrow. Even if Bright's file has been sent for field investigation I just want to know. If the I-604 has been approved (or if they can tell me there won't need to be a field investigation) I could potentially be with my baby by next week!!!!!

Pray with me folks. =-)


Grosso Family 10:45 AM  

Anita this is great news - congrats.....

Too Blessed to be Stressed 11:25 AM  

Sounds like GREAT news =)
Praying you get that call SOON!!!!

I want to see Bright with his brother & sister!!!! =)


7,812 Miles 11:44 AM  

Praying, Anita...I'm hoping next week is a GREAT week for you...and that it means being reunited with Bright and bringing him HOME!

Barbara C 11:49 AM  

Hoping, hoping, hoping...

Barbara C 11:49 AM  

Hoping, hoping, hoping...

Christina 11:53 AM  

Oh my goodness, how exciting! It has been a productive day. Way to be proactive. :-)
Hope you get the Really Good News very very soon!!

7,812 Miles 4:34 PM  

Tomorrow...that must be one of your least favorite words by now...

Sorry to hear that Bright's passport has not yet been picked up...still hoping it is ready and sitting their waiting, though...