Tuesday, May 08, 2007


For the first time in over a week the sun FINALLY made an appearance here in Tulsa. Let me tell you, I have discovered that I could never live in a climate where there were more rainy days than sunny days. As you can probably tell from my last few days' posts--the weather was really getting to my emotions! It was amazing--as soon as I saw the sun come out today everything in my heart lightened.

No. No passport. But I did get a different response when I asked than I normally do. Today the word is that "the passport is completed" but Edward just needs to pick it up. Yesterday we were still playing the "it will be ready tomorrow" game. I hope that the new word--COMPLETED--is really true, rather than just another layer of trying not to disappoint me with the truth. =-)

The words posted below on my blog really got me back to where I need to be (at least for a few days). I know I can do this. I know I can do this. I can make it. Bright will be worth it. No matter how long it takes. I know God is in control. I know there is a reason, meant for GOOD, that it hasn't happened yet. I just have to keep repeating these words over and over again to myself. They are all true words. I need to buy into them rather than buying into the drama and bitterness and sadness that satan wants me to buy into.

Here's hoping that each of you find sunshine tomorrow.



Too Blessed to be Stressed 8:49 AM  

Anita - praying the completed word is true!!! Hoping you get some GREAT news this week =)