Wednesday, May 23, 2007 least he pooped!

I'm going to try to keep this short because I am completely exhausted. Let me just say, if you can get someone to do the preliminary visa procedures for you--do! This is one reason to use an agency rather than going independant! LOL!

6am: wake up, eat peanut butter sandwich, head to Embassy
7:30: arrive at embassy, wait an hour for visa photos (this doesn't even describe the torture that was..)
8:45: I have to be in the embassy by 9am so I leave Edward to wait for the pictures and head to the embassy with Bright. Get right in! Give Visa Packet I to the guard just inside the door and that is it. Come back at 2 for your appointment time. Umm...what about visa medical? Oh...I can go and do that anytime.
9:00-11:30: We're all walking to the Akai house clinic for visa medical. Lots of waiting. Fill out paperwork. Lots of waiting. Pay money. Lots of waiting. See the doctor for a physical (cursory is way too strong a word). Told to go upstairs for vaccinations. They need to do them all since I don't have a record. Tell the doc that I don't want to do that. I want to sign a waiver. She tells me I have to take that up with vaccinations upstairs. Go upstairs. Vaccinations is rude and says they can't help me. Take it up with doctor downstairs. Nobody thinks they can sign the form and check the place where it says we wish to file for a waiver!
11:30: Decide that I will talk to someobody at the embassy later that day because surely they will know what the waiver is. Walk outside with Bright. Fear that he won't make a stool and we'll be waiting forever at the medlab for him to poop. WRONG! The raisins worked. Explode-a-poop! All over the car, Bright, Bright's clothes, me, and luckily, the diaper. Put the diaper in a baggy. At least he pooped!!! Head to the medlab...wait forever long there to deliver said sample. Leave. Eat lunch.
1:45 Arrive at the embassy for my 2:00 "appointment." Not. It's me and about 50 other people who have 2:00 appointments to get visa interview dates. It's almost 5pm before we get out of there. I wan't go into detail but it hurts to sit AND stand at this point! LOL!

So the good news is that it APPEARS (???) that I can go for the final visa interview tomorrow (or any Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at 7:30). The visa medical isn't complete because of my vaccination issues. Trying to decide what to do about that at this point. Might just give in and let them inocculate my baby to death so I can get him home.

Okay. Gotta go. Paul is waiting.