Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More pictures of Bright

Well I was supposed to get these on Sunday night but for some reason Yahoo ate my email. So my mom fwded them on to me and I am now sharing with you. I was told to choose the cutest ones and post them here but they are all so cute I just put them all up...lol.

Also here is a little snippet of the email that was sent with the pictures:
You can see B's new haircut here! I love the one where he is holding a plug adapter in his hand playing "phone"! He's so cute. I think I'll say that a million times this week.

He is a beautiful boy and I can't wait until I can hug and cuddle him once he is at home, where he should be, with Anita and Eric and the kids.

Aunt Nichole


Jen 10:22 AM  

The photos are so adorable Anita. Bright looks healthy and happy. I can't wait to see the photos of you with him at home. Thanks for sharing!