Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"It's Hard to Steal a Goat!"

["Cecilia, don't people worry about their goats being stolen because they walk around all over the neighborhood?" "Ummm...no. It's hard to steal a goat!"]

I can think of all kinds of analogies for that line!

Well, it's been a long and difficult day. It's a lot harder to be here "alone" with Bright this time because I am actually alone! Last time if I were sick there would have been people ready and willing to help me with him. This time, no such luck. And it needs to be that way. It's just a LOT harder. Definitely wishing my mom or hubby were here.

My "cold" has taken a big turn for the worse today. I feel pretty awful. ;-( You know that you're desperate to unstuff your nose when you take a baby nose aspirator and see if it will work on an adult (it doesn't--just makes you sneeze a million times).

Today we went looking for houses to rent for AAI. Let me tell you, I really appreciate annoying realtors in the US now. There's really nobody to call here. You just drive around looking for signs and once you find one you try to find out if it's the right house for you. It's a hot and dirty business.

After house hunting Bright and I came back to the hotel to try to get some rest. Not so much... Things started out well with us playing and such. Then I thought giving him a bath would calm him down enough for a good nap. He had a GREAT time in the bath! But it was the end of our good times. Something about all of the "new" hit him at once. New mommy...new living quarters...new way to get clean...new air temperature...new long pj's that he hates...and those stupid blankets his mom keeps trying to keep him warm with! Bright raged. Boy, did he rage. It was less than 2 hours but not by much. He was over tired, over...everything. But we got through it.

After the rage I tried to sleep but couldn't because I couldn't breathe. That's when I tried the nose thingy. Then my mom called. Then naptime was over.

The net is NOT easy with little big man at my side! He has decided that it is ONLY okay if he is being held. Okay, sometimes he's okay with being on the bed next to me. But he's not happy to sit in my lap while I'm typing. Nope. He needs all of my attention! I'm glad he wants it but still!! At the moment he has gone to sleep and I got desperate and laid him on the floor next to me.

That's not really it today, but that's all I have the energy to write tonight. Pray that tomorrow is a productive day. I don't care if it takes all day as long as their is success in the end!!!!