Sunday, June 03, 2007

Goodbye DutcHotel

Hi all,

Well, this is my last post from DutcHotel. I'm heading out in about 1/2 an hour to move to a local guest house that is just 1/2 a block from the new AAI house. No hot water or AC, but they do have a generator so at least I will always have a fan. And for 150,000cedis ($15) per night I can definitely deal with it. The room looks nice and clean and I have my own bathroom. No restaurant, but there is a local chop bar right next door that serves chicken, rice, and french fries and I learned today how to buy local porridge for Bright in the morning. We should be fine.

My time here is beginning to wind down, which I am very mixed up about. I am so ready to see my family again, but there is also still so much work to be accomplished here before I go. I am praying as fervently as ever that Bright will receive his visa on Friday. If he doesn't it WILL be traumatic for him this time. He's learned what it's like to have only one caregiver that gives one on one attention and he kind of likes it. ;-) And he won't know anybody at the new house. We just have to get the visa. We just have to...

We had a minor glitch that could have been major today. I went to pay my hotel bill and my credit card had expired (in May)! ACK! Thankfully I had cash in hand for another party but Eric will need to send me money western union ASAP to pay back the other party's cash.

I know you all are probably sick of me asking you to continue to pray for our health. For some reason it has just been a very big struggle here this trip! Bright is over his fever but is still very congested in his nose and chest. And--can you believe it?--I think I'm getting ANOTHER cold! ARGH! I guess maybe I'm catching the one he has? I don't know? And there is this sort of constant nausea thing going on. I don't mean to complain. We just really need your prayers as there is no chance for a "sick" day this week. I must go, go, go, and I must take Bright with me no matter how sick he is feeling.

It's not socially acceptable to take a baby into an internet cafe here, so my emails might be few and far between this week. I will defnitely miss the almost always empty business center here at DutcHotel where Bright can just run around!



Anonymous 10:56 AM  

praying for yours and Brights health to improve and of course for Bright to get that VISA!