Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bad Eggs and Pink Chickens

Hi all,

Whew. I don't know why, butI am really being attacked in the health department this trip. This morning, best we can figure, I ate bad eggs for breakfast. They don't refridgerate eggs here, and mine were well undercooked. At any rate, I spent most of the day in the bathroom vomitting and doing "other" things. Feeling mostly better now and I think I will be good to go for tomorrow.

Yesterday we were walking through a very poor area when we saw pink and black chickens! I mean, hot pink! LOL! Gail and I were both amazed and commented about how we don't have pink chickens in America. Come to find out...they were painted pink to show ownership. So...not as cool ofa siting we we originally thought!

Today was a very exciting day for AAI as Gail and our new administrator bought furnishings for our home. I can't wait to see the children's faces when they walk into the home for the first time.

Bright was quite ill yesterday with a 103 fever, but is doing better today. Cold symptoms. He's stopped making the weird "whine" in his sleep--thank goodness! Mommy was going crazy!

I am amazed at how well Bright seems to be doing with attachment. If you know me you know that I believe attachment is a slow thing, but after seeing Bright I can see why some people come home saying that their baby attached "instantly." He is appropriately sad if I leave him, and appropriately happy when I come back. No rages. No agressive behavior (beyond normal toddler stuff). It's amazing. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop! We'll see how he does at home...

Yesterday was mine and Eric's ninth anniversary. And I forgot! Eric called me last night to wish me happy anniversary. We have a history of both forgetting our anniversary so this is par for the course for us.

I love you Eric. And I can't wait to be home with Bright so that we can celebrate!

Guess that's the big stuff from Ghana for now.



Grosso Family 5:16 PM  

Happy Anniversary Anita. By the title I thought you were going to eat a pink chicken :-) yes that's not as cool as a natural hot pink chicken :-) that would be one for the books. Is the AAI house fully staffed? Can't wait to hear more about that - when will your first kids arrive?

Chandra 8:15 PM  

Happy Anniversary Anita and Eric!! Anita, thinking of you often and hoping you make it home soon!! Just looked at Bright's photo's again; he is an absolute doll!! Good luck with the food and sleeping issues :)

Jen 12:45 PM  

Happy Anniversary!!!! I can't wait to see the "home" photos. Sorry to hear you were so sick. Yucko. I'm sending thoughts of balance and health your way. Take care!

BTW, maybe I missed it but what's with the AAI activity? Did you switch agencies? Give me the scoop.

Anonymous 5:28 AM  

Sorry to hear that you are not well, but!!! never eat undercooked eggs in Africa.. unless they are VERY fresh!! If you are only there for a short time, avoid eating eggs period .. take care!