Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I love my boys

I love my boys. They are so sweet.

Since I talked to Samren about his "Vietnam brother" last week he has continued to think of him and talk about him a lot. He's also taken to telling other people about his big brother in Vietnam that can pick him up. =-) The other night he came to show me the picture that he drew for his big brother in Vietnam--it's he and Samren. Samren gift is not drawing pictures, but I appreciate his effort. Hmmm...maybe he'll be a contemporary artist! ;-)
Bright has been a bit sick today, for the first time since he got home. Poor baby has had diarrhea all day, and he finally threw up tonight. Does this stop him from playing? Nope. Dancing? Nope. Eating? Definitely nope. But he has been extremely clingly today. Don't we all want our mommy when we aren't feeling our best? So I got LOTS of Bright cuddles today. He fell asleep early tonight and I think his position is just t-totally too cute not to share!
For some reason tonight feels like a night to hug my babies extra close.


Story of our Life 9:20 PM  

Love the pics of your boys Anita. They are to darling!!

The finger/hand on the face. Poor little guy. Makes yo uwonder what he was thinking/dreaming about as his little body is trying to get better.

Lots of hugs are good!!!