Friday, July 20, 2007

Lovin' the comments!

Thanks to all of you for commenting so much lately. Gosh--it makes me feel like someone besides me reads this blog! LOL! Here are a few responses to comments posted on the last few blog entries:

"Tell me about the awesome hat Eric is wearing!"

Mary Ellyn-- That was a hat he put on for fun in Cambodia. Isn't it hilarious?! He would die if he knew I posted that picture of him, but that's what he gets for not reading my blog! Actually, above is a topper, don't you think?

"I dearly love his name. I totally understand though as you know our E's name has potential to be a target for a teasing name too."

Renee--I don't think I put it out there enough that I actually LOVE Wise's name too! Eric and I both do. It's just the "wise guy" stuff that we think about. You know I LOVE E's possible nick name and I think that will be seen as really a neat name by most people. Actually...I thought about it for Wise's new name!

"Anyway, having been adopted from an orphanage (36 years ago! yikes!)and having siblings and cousins adopted from orphanages and having all of our names changed, I can say it bothered none of us. But, I actually am emailing you because I have been reading your posts about Wise and in my mind have been pronouncing it "Weiss." That is obviously not how it's spelled! But for some reason that's just how I've been reading it. It did give me the idea though that by adding an "e" after the "W" perhaps you could just alter the pronounciation a wee bit."

Jennifer--thanks so much for adding your perspective as an adoptee and an adoptive mom! Priceless! I'm glad to know that you were fine with your name being changed. I've never heard of an adopted child who had a problem with it, but you's one more thing for we adoptive parents to worry about! I cracked up when I read that you read Wise as Weiss! That is how it is pronounced in Ghana!!!! So you are right. ;-) Of course in America it would be seen as wise, the character attribute. I really like your idea for adding the "e". Something to think about for sure, even if we keep it as a middle name and still give him a new first name!

Thanks again everybody. Love hearing from you!



Story of our Life 8:26 PM  

I love all your posts. I read your blog or check it for new posts daily. :) Sometimes more than I care to admit.

Love the hats!! I love ALL the pictures.

It keeps my hope alive that we will bring our child home...someday. In his time...not mine.
I look at my recent illness (or should say multiple illnesses) and how it has affected each of us as I'm the "bread winner" of our family and is in HIS time. Not mine.

Thanks for sharing!!! L, Gala

Anonymous 8:32 PM  

Anita, Congrats on the decision to adopt Bright's brother. The kids are missing you. Luv, Kristi

Anonymous 6:15 AM  


In my youth, the last hat Eric is wearing would qualify as a 'helmet' at a Grateful Dead concert. And the beads are a delightful addition. What a good daddy he is to actually put on the hats and let you take pictures. Maybe you could create a hat scrapbook for days that need an extra dose of silliness.

Mary Ellyn