Sunday, July 15, 2007

One Month

Wow. Today marks one month since Bright's homecoming! He has made so many positive changes in one month, and of course has kept all of his original charm. ;-)

When he came home last month he needed me to cuddle him to sleep, THEN to keep in constant physical contact with him during his sleep (he woke when I stopped touching him no matter how deep the sleep). Two weeks ago we were to the point that I could pat his back and he would fall asleep, without needing that constant touch. Now we tell him it's night-night time, lay him in his bed, give him a kiss, and walk out. No tears. No whining (well...maybe 30 seconds here and there). And he sleeps through the night with no problems! Actually, he's our first "late sleeper" and will sleep in until 9am sometimes (our other kids were always up by 6 at his age).

When Bright came home last month he hit everybody CONSTANTLY! I would say the hitting has gone down by about 85%. And when he does hit we can give him a look and remind him to "be gentle". When he hears that cue ("be gentle") he signs "sorry" and then caresses the person (or animal) in a gentle way. Isn't that cute! LOL!

When Bright came home last month some of his 18 month shorts were too tight around his big belly. And his jeans literally popped open unless I positioned them UNDER his belly girth! I put the same jeans on him the other day and they snapped (snugly) over his belly. Never underestimate the value of good nutrition. Before we know it that "malnutrition belly" is going to be completely put in its place!

The biggest area that continues to be a struggle for Bright is in attachment with Eric. Poor guys! They are just having a hard time falling in love with one another! Well..Bright is having a hard time falling in love with Eric (not the other way around). Bright has made definite improvement, but it is going much slower than we anticipated. He is "okay" with Eric if I leave the room, but if I'm in the room he usually won't have anything to do with Eric. We know that eventually everything will work out but this particular issue has taken us a bit by surprise. It will be nice when Bright adores his daddy as much as our other kids do!

All in all, life is so good.


Grosso Family 8:19 AM  

I can't believe he's been home for a month already.
That is so awesome that his belly is going down - he and Eric will find their path.