Friday, July 13, 2007

Sometimes it still blows me away...


Gardiner Family Blog Spot 8:21 AM  

Simply amazing. Another blog I read regularly did the SAME post yesterday. A "then and now".

He is such a doll!!!

Anonymous 5:00 AM  

I must admit that alot of people said when I adopted J.. that I should get another one soon. I think I would for the same reasons that alot of others have pointed out.. I can't just yet until a couple of years when J is a little older ..( I think).. but yes I tend to agree with most on this one and hope that God shows you what path to take.. i am sure you will make the right decision when the time comes... good luck!

Life in Fitzville 9:47 AM  

Wow. Our son came home last year at almost 9 years old from Haiti. I look back at pictures from then, and look at him now, it it is just amazing. Tears me up every time. Beautiful little boy you've got there!

InternationalMommy 2:17 PM  

Hey Anita-
Thank you for responding to my comment :) Please check my blog if you get a chance- I gave you an award.


Brandi 8:03 PM  

Oh my, if those pictures don't speak volumes I don't know what does?! I'm so glad he's at home now with Mama and doing so well. Praise the Lord who heard a little child's cries and answered them through a family half a world away. He is AWESOME!