Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well, Bright debuted his Gap outfit last night at Music Together. I'm a licensed to teach Music Together but stopped teaching last fall when I thought Bright would be coming home "any week." But I LOVE the program! We can't afford to do lots of special stuff with our kids, but I at least wanted to take Bright to one session of Music Together
He LOVED it! It's so funny--I kept catching myself thinking how totally gifted MY son is. "Look how he moves his arm almost to the beat! And oh--he just tried to snap! And look--he put his instrument back in the basket!" LOL! He's really just a kid, but he's my kid so I'm a bit biased.

I was so busy having fun with Bright during class that I didn't get a chance to take any pics. I did manage to get a few shots of him in his Treasu(red) outfit before we left. Bright has started doing this thing where he starts running towards the camera when he sees the flash start going of. So I have a lot of "running towards mommy" pictures. Oh well. You get the gist of his cuteness, right?


P.S. The outfit is way long on him, and a bit tight around the mid-section! LOL!


Rachel - The Instant Mama 8:50 AM  

So cute! I love the outfit! When Jayden was about Bright's age he would reach for the camera as soon as he saw it, so we have lots of pictures of him reaching out.