Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Girly Girl

My daughter Taevy...what a joy she is to my heart. She gets to me in ways that my boys don't. She's a girly girl. Well...the tree-climbing, mudpie-making, scooter-racing kind of girly girl...she does it all in a dress and church shoes! But in her heart she is definitely all mushy and emotional just like her mommy. We sit and have the best talks late at night. And sometimes we have a good cry together. All normal women like to have a good cry now and then, right? At least all the major women in my life do!

Tonight Taevy had requested some extra time for just me and her. She decided she wanted me to curl her hair with a curling iron. She's convinced that she is going to be a model or do something in fashion when she grows up, so the request was right in line with her passions. Half way through the process of me curling each peice of her straight black hair with a hot curling iron she was ready to give up on her modeling career! LOL! We got through it after about an hour. I told her it was 80's hair. We teased it and hair sprayed it and then she said we needed to "take some shots" (pictures). Okie dokie...so we had a little modeling session with her 80's hair and too small winter pjs!

And just for fun here are some more shots of her playing model at my mom's house during a dress up fest she and her cousins had. Please do NOT think that I would EVER let Taevy dress like this in real life! This was JUST for play! And the poses...well she comes up with those herself when the camera is in front of her. I don't know where that provacativeness comes from!

Gosh...after looking at all of these pics I hope somebody doesn't think I'm a rotten mom for posting them! Don't worry. I am *not* into the modeling thing and if she ever really gets into that scene it's going to be without mommy making the arrangements!



Momto13 1:38 PM  

Sheesh Anita, you STAGE mother. Just kidding. I love the pictures and the curly hair esp. BEAUTIFUL!

ManyBlessings 2:25 PM  

The first time I saw Taevy on your blog I thought she was drop-dead gorgeous. I wouldn't doubt she DOES grow up and do some modeling. :)

Grosso Family 8:10 AM  

you have your hands full with this little girl anita :-)