Monday, August 27, 2007

Family in Crisis

Did I catch your attention? ;-) I have a friend whose family IS in crisis and needs some help.

After a very long Guatemala adoption process they were able to bring their second referred child home earlier this year. Their first referred child died before he could come home. Before their son from Guatemala could come home Rachel and Scott knew they were being called to adopt a deaf little girl in Liberia. Lillian's orphanage is not good at all. They have lost all of their funding and they fear that the children are not being fed enough. It is common knowledge that the death children are treated as second-class to the other orphans, so Rachel and Scott's daughter is probably getting less than most. They have fought for over a year to get Lillian out of Liberia so that she can receive the special education she needs.

Then along came Micah! Very far into Lillian's adoption it becaome obvious that the Whitmire family was once again being asked to step out in faith to bring home another child at risk in Liberia. Micah's adoption has gone MUCH more quickly than anybody would have anticipated.

Long story short....God has provided over $35K in funds (fundraising, grants, loans, savings, etc.) in order for Rachel and Scott to bring their three children home. But they need just $7,000 more to unite their family. Both Micah and Lillian are completely ready to come home. EVERYTHING is complete. They only need a parent to travel and pick them up. Rachel and Scott have used all of their known resources for the money but it just hasn't come.

This family is in crisis. Two of the children are stuck in a developing country where the next mosquito bite could kill them. One of the children is being under-cared for at the orphanage. And Rachel and Scott go to bed every night feeling that it's their fault because they literally have no way (no savings, no credit, no nothing) to buy the plane ticket to get over there!

Please help them. I know lots of people are doing $1 adoption fundraisers, but really, what's one more dollar? This family needs to be united.

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InternationalMommy 10:30 AM  

Anita, would you please email me in private? I have a very special situation with a little boy needing to get over to a hospital in Ghana that I would like to talk to you about.

Charity alonso]

Anonymous 10:45 AM  

Please change this typo:
"death children" to "deaf children." Thought you would want to know and I'm not sure how else to let you know.
Thanks, Rhonda